Welcome to Being in Community! You’ve found a blog about building and strengthening the relationships that make us who we are. In a world where people are thirsting for authentic connection, this blog is about satisfying that thirst by building and strengthening our relationships with our families, our neighbors, our colleagues, our friends, our faith communities, and the world around us. On this blog you will find book reviews, anecdotes, advice, prayers, and inspirational quotes to help us along our paths to real community.

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About the Author

I’m Ph20160618_144358 (2)oebe Farag Mikhail, an introvert writing about community. A wife and mother of three children, I spend my spare time reading, writing, crocheting on occasion, and drinking excessive amounts of coffee. It’s the coffee that led me to start thinking and writing about community – the global community (where it comes from) and the local community (the people we drink it with). I’ve traveled and moved many times in my life, each time having to start new relationships and connections, and each time learning something new, like how my children create an instant bond with fellow parents. I hold various day jobs in the realm of teaching, writing, consulting, and international development. I’m also deeply involved in my faith community, the Coptic Orthodox Church of Alexandria, and you can read more about that here. Please email me with any ideas and suggestions you have for this blog – I would love to hear from you.

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