I grew up on books, literally and figuratively. When I read a good book, all I want to do is share it with others so they might too experience what I have experienced, or learn something new that I have also learned. I’m often asked for book recommendations, and so in the pages linked below you will find my book recommendations loosely categorized under fiction and memoir, non-fiction, young adult books, children’s books, and notable books by Coptic Orthodox Christian authors (some might be cross-listed as they also fall under other categories).

Studies show that reading has many benefits. Reading fiction in particular increases empathy towards others. All sorts of reading reduces stress, sharpens the mind, expands the vocabulary, improves writing, and could even stave off Alzheimer’s. Some studies show that reading self-help books can benefit people with severe depression. In my children’s book recommendations, you’ll find even more reasons to read to children. So if you’re ready to pick up a new book and need a place to start, you’re in the right place!

The Being in Community Book of the Year. Every year, I choose one book that embodies the focus of this blog, building stronger communities by strengthening authentic relationships. Interested in putting your book in the running for 2017? Please contact me.

Fiction and Memoir Books. These are the books that got me into reading, that still manage to take me to places I have never been, and to put myself in other people’s shoes. I eventually majored in English literature in college, where I got to read and write and get a degree for it!

Non-fiction Books. These books include parenting, how-to, self-help, and books on religion and spirituality. Most of the books you find in this section have been mentioned or reviewed on my blog.

Young Adult Books. These are books that are suitable for young adults (ages 10-17 and up) while also still quite enjoyable for adults. This genre is growing fast these days, and it was this genre that got me hooked on reading in the first place.

Children’s Books. I get the most requests for children’s book recommendations – because we all know how important it is to read to our kids.

Books by Coptic Orthodox Christian authors. This is not an exhaustive list by any means, but these books are new and notable.

The tablet my children use to read ebooks (and do other things).

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